Queen Anne’s Garden

Skills: Original Creations

This collaborative effort started like most of ours do…John designs and creates a frame, then passes it on to me. I create a design in stained glass to fill it. Queen Anne’s Garden is more complex than any we have done to date.

The name “Queen Anne” refers to the style of the frame. The Queen Anne period was a transition between high Victorian, and the Arts and Crafts movement. A center framed with smaller openings around the perimeter is a classic Queen Anne window. Whatever the design would be, I wanted it to flow through all the openings. Using antique and repurposed jewels, bevels, and a painted medallion in the center, my design of flowers and vines developed. I had a very special sheet of full antique, sky blue glass that I wanted to use for the background.There was just about enough, but none to spare…and while I consider myself an accomplished glass cutter, John is the master. He cut the majority of the sky expertly, with even a bit to spare.

I make stained glass windows and lamps because it makes me happy. Queen Anne’s Garden passes the test. I smile every time I look at it.

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It starts with a frame

Working on a design

Building the window

Queen Anne Window finished

Finished and installed